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Bruna Carvalho

DSC_0575.jpgBruna Carvalho
Broadening Horizons Program Assistant - Administrative and Pedagogical Support

Bruna is a resident of Jardim Canadá since she was born in 1992. She is finishing a BA in Physical Education at the Isabella Hendrix University in Belo Horizonte. Bruna started working at Casa do Jardim as an intern of the Broadening Horizons Program, acting as a teacher of ''Arts and Play Time´´ and supporting Casa do Jardim Staff. She left in 2012 to work for a year as an intern at the Municipal Secretary of Sports. Bruna return to Casa do Jardim in 2013 and is responsible for working closely with the coordination of Broadening Horizons Program.

Why do you like to be part of the Casa do Jardim team?

“Its is Casa do Jardim that I spent most of my day. It is a place of great learning. It is a place where I live in practice everything that I learn at the University. It is where I have made many friendships. I like to be at Casa do Jardim because of the fact that we believe in one another, I have the support of my colleagues, there is so much respect and appreciation for the person as well as her work.”

What impact do you think CJ is making in Jardim Canada?

“I believe Casa do Jardim changes the life of the children that participate in the project. Casa do Jardim plants a small seed in each child that passes through it, a seed of respect, ethics, love and learning.”


Instituto de Desenvolvimento Local Integrado - Casa do Jardim
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