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Josiely Chaves R. Souza

josiely chavesJosiely Chaves R. Souza
Building Identity Project Coordinator - Broadening Horizons Program

Josiely was born in Medina, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1986 and has lived in Jardim Canadá since 2005. In 2007 Josiely participated of the first meeting of Casa do Jardim with residents of the community of Jardim Canadá. That year she volunteered as a camp counseler in Casa do Jardim´s first winter camp. In 2008 Josiely began working in Casa do Jardim as an intern teaching Psycho-pedagogical Activities (Building Identity Project), project for which she has contributed significantly to develop over the years, and colaborating with the coordination of the Broadening Horizons Program.

In 2010 Josiely received a BA in Education from UNA University in Belo Horizonte. Soon after she received a scholarship at the Dom Cabral Foundation to participate in a two year specialization course in the area of project management. In 2012, Josiely was awarded the Laureat Brazil Prize - Young Social Entrepreneurs that recognized 10 young brazilians leaders who contribute to the development of their respective communities and social change in the country.

Why do you like being a part of the CJ team?

“I like being part of the CJ team because it is actually a team where everyone is working together to achieve an objective or implement a project. I like being part of the CJ team because each of us is considered as an unique individual with contributions to make. I like being part of the CJ team because it is a special place that seeks to contribute to the development of children and their families, creating a bridge between them and their school. I like being part of the CJ team because it is a new initiative in the third sector and it approaches its work with professionalism.”

What impact do you think CJ is making in Jardim Canadá?

“Casa do Jardim is making a significant impact for the people who live in this community since its participants (children, families and teachers of the municipal school) of the Broadening Horizons Program are showing this impact. CJ also works in the area of research, valuing what we have today and bringing back and recording what we cannot forget about the history of this community. I would say that the impact (being made) relates to the development of each person and his/her potential. CJ values and records the life experience of many actors in the community.”

Instituto de Desenvolvimento Local Integrado - Casa do Jardim
Rua Walpoli, 126 | Jardim Canadá, Nova Lima
Minas Gerais, Brasil | CEP 34.000-000
+55 31 3541.8934 | contato@casadojardim.org.br